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We create interactive campaigns for our clients, distribute them cross-device, measure, and optimize to generate a higher return on investment.

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Coca Cola

But what do we mean by Interactive Videos?

Discover our full potential with this gallery of examples.

Whether to obtain new followers on social networks, or to create a list of subscribers, or to generate sales of your product in a new distribution channel... Start your adventure by viewing how other brands are already doing this. Decide which interactive video better suits your needs.

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How can you distribute your videos?
Is time to the power of your interactive videos.

Advertising networks

We have a wide range of advertising networks that allow us to place your interactive videos in portals with the most traffic.

Simply request a guideline, to plan on which advertising media you want to be, and we take care of the rest.

Pauta Premium
In the main social networks

Social networks have the ideal mix of large numbers of users in a leisurely environment,, which generates a perfect place to place Cinemad's Interactive Videos in front of the viewers.

This space and our Flash and HTML5 technology allow any of these videos to be distributed in your Facebook and Twitter channels. Use creativity and get more interaction between your brand and your followers!

Redes Sociales
Your own Home Page

Thanks to the efficiency of our platform, all interactive videos that are created through may be displayed on your own portals.

How can you achieve this? simply copying and pasting the video embedded code. And voila! your videos are also within your site :)

Coca Cola - Sitio

The experience of some of our clients


more and more exposure...

The challenge of this Brand was clear: improve the percentage of views of all their video campaigns.

To achieve this, we implemented a banner inside each video, which invited the viewer to watch the rest of the videos.

The results? 25% of viewers saw at least 75% of all the videos in the campaign. This reduced the campaign's cost per display.

Want to know more about how this case developed?

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Engagement everywhere

The brand sought closer interaction with the audience in their social networks.

By integrating the Twitter timeline with the hashtag "#PonerElCuerpoEs" viewers were invited to join the conversation.

The result? 5% of CTR on interactions in the Twitter Timeline. A result that increased the brand’s exposure on Twitter.

Want to know more about how this case developed?

Watch the Interactive Video

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